Saltillo, Mexico

Country: Mexico

Language: Spanish

Population: 648,929

Mayor: Jerico Abramo Masso

Sister City Since: 1994

Saltillo is the capitol of the state of Coahuila and is located 869 km from Mexico City. It is an old colonial city, founded in 1575. The name Saltillo comes from a small waterfall that comes from a spring at the location where the city was first founded. Saltillo has many nicknames, first amongst them “Las Atenas de Mexico” (the Athens of Mexico), in reference to the great thinkers the city has produced and the important cultural and educational centers located in the city. Others are “La Ciudad del Clima Ideal” (the City of Perfect Climate) because of the beautiful weather the city experiences nearly year-round, and “La Tierra del Sarape” (the Land of the Serape), since one of the most representative and well-known articles of Mexican clothing, the Serape, originated in Saltillo.

The city of Saltillo is considered by some to be the Mexican equivalent of Detroit due to its heavy involvement in the auto industry, including the presence of both General Motors and Chrysler. The city is also Mexico’s leading producer of coal and is home to highly developed agricultural, textile, and steel industries. The industrial, agricultural, and commercial activities at work in Saltillo have helped to make it one of the most important cities in northern Mexico today.