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www.Cardholder.comdata.com:- Comdata Payroll cards are widely used in issuing payment by various US government and private organizations to their employees’ accounts on each Payroll period. It’s considered as a great alternative to the paper check that was used in early days. With this card, employers can directly pay their staff and co-workers digitally without having their bank account. Cardholders can use this fund for all kinds of online and offline transactions anytime from anywhere.



The Comdata Payroll Card is powered by MasterCard and that can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted. The card offers many features and benefits. If you recently received such a card then you should need to read this article.

Like most credit and debit cards, your Comdata Payroll Card must be activated before its usage for the first time. This can be done in multiple ways. And after a proper activation, you will enjoy a number of benefits like multiple discounts, cashbacks and offers on your purchase.

In this article, we’ve discussed all about the Comdata Payroll Card, its usages, benefits, activation process & requirements and other useful details in a very simple way for your convenience.

Therefore, without wasting a second, let’s start.

www.cardholder.comdata.com – Comdata Payroll Card Activation Procedures

Once your Comdata Payroll Card arrives at your address, the next thing you need to do is its activation. The process is very easy. You can do it in two ways. The first is by visiting the Comdata\iConnectData payment website and the second is by calling the Comdata Card customer care.

Both the processes are very simple. You can take any of the methods to activate your payroll card. Down below we have discussed both the methods in a detailed manner for your convenience. Hope by following them you can activate your brand new card instantly.

Comdata Payroll Card Activation through Online

When you activate your Comdata Payroll Card for the first time, you should need the card in hand, personal information like your name, address, SSN, mail id and a Smartphone or Laptop connected with an active Internet facility.

If you are ready with them then follow the underneath process carefully.

  • First, open any Internet browser and type the following Comdata Payroll Card activation website at www.cardholder.comdata.com.
  • You’ll be automatically redirected to the Comdata \iConnectdata Card login page.
  • Now look at the left hand side of your screen, where you’ll find the ‘Click here to Register’ your card option.
  • Click on it and a new page will then open.
  • Now enter your Comdata Payroll Card number and Activation code as printed on it.
  • Then click on the next button to begin the enrollment procedure.
  • On the next page set up your Username & Password for your card account.
  • Now provide your personal details like your name, date of birth, SSN, address, email id, contact number etc in the respective fields as directed.
  • Once your registration process is done, soon you’ll receive a confirmation message for your successful Comdata Payroll card activation. Now your card is ready for transactions.


Comdata Payroll Card Activation by Phone Call

If you face issues in activating your card online then there is another simple method to validate your Payroll Card offline through Comdata customer care number.

To know more, please take a look:

  • Take your phone and dial the Comdata Card customer care number at 888-265-8228.
  • Follow the IVRS instructions and choose the Card activation option.
  • Now enter your card number, SSN or Social security number and tell your full name, address, email id, contact number etc.
  • Once you confirm your entry, the card will be automatically activated.
  • You’ll get a confirmation message on your registered number. Now your Comdata Card is ready for use.

Comdata Payroll Card Benefits

There are a number of benefits available in using your Comdata Payroll Card. You can use this card without having a necessary bank account. We are highlighting here some of them.

Please have a look,

  • Employers now can directly deposit their employees’ monthly salary without using a paper check.
  • Now you can make any payment cashless using this card.
  • On every payment, you will enjoy various discounts and cashback offers on your both online and retail transactions.
  • You can easily withdraw your balance anytime from anywhere. (For avoidance of transaction fees on ATM transactions, please visit Allpoint ATM branches, which have the coverage of about 55,000+ around the US).
  • There will be no monthly or annual rental for bearing this card.
  • You can easily track and manage your account by Comdata Payroll Card online account management features.
  • You’ll also get additional features like 24/7 customer care support, free text alert service and 100% secure payment option which comes with your card.
  • Comdata Payroll Cards are a good option for the companies/employers who want to ensure a better green world by reducing the paper wastage in printing paychecks.


Comdata Payroll Card Activation Prerequisites

Here is the list of things that you should need to activate your Comdata Payroll Card. Keep them beforehand to avoid any kind of technical glitches.

Have a look,

  • First, you need the Comdata Payroll Card.
  • Your personal details like name, date of Birth, address, contact number and Email address.
  • SSN or Social Security Number.
  • Internet access device like Smartphone, Laptop or Desktop computer.
  • Good Internet connection.
  • Genuine activation link or phone number.
Official Name Comdata Payroll Card Activation
Rewards Cashbacks, Discounts
Purpose Card Verification
Language English
Eligible Citizen United States
Genuine Activation Link www.Cardholder.comdata.com
Genuine Activation Mobile Number 888-265-8228

About Comdata

America’s one of the oldest payment processing and pay card issuing corporations is Comdata\iConnectData. It was founded by Curtiss W. Harter Jr. in 1969. The card was firstly assigned for the Truck and goods permitting industries, later it was widely used in different sectors in the US, including Education, Healthcare, Government organizations, Hospitality, retail etc.

They are the largest issuers of different types of paperless payroll cards, fuel cards, credit cards and many more. It is the most trusted financial institution around the US due to its uncompromised and seamless financial service offering to its consumers.

Final Words

Hope you liked this article.

Here we have provided a handful of information regarding Comdata Payroll Cards in detail for your convenience. If you still have any questions or doubts related to this post, please let us know in the comment section down below. We will attempt our best to find useful solutions as quickly as possible.


FAQ About www.Cardholder.comdata.com

  1. What is a Payroll Card?

Ans: A payroll card is a type of prepaid debit card, which is mostly used by the employers of different private and government organizations to deliver their monthly salary or funds to its employees or consumers digitally without a necessary bank account.

This is not at all a credit card rather a prepaid card, which one can use to make payment based on its pre-deposited sum. Comdata Payroll Card is one of them.

  1. Who is eligible for the Comdata Payroll Card?

Ans: Legal citizen of the United States, whose age is minimum 18 years or above and additionally an employee of any of the American organizations is eligible for the Comdata Payroll Card.

  1. What are the benefits available with a Comdata Payroll Card?

Ans: Through your Comdata Payroll Card, now you can make cashless transactions at any time without paying any extra charges. Additionally you will avail various offers, discounts and other advantages with your card.

To get to know more about this, please refer to our Comdata Payroll Card Benefits section where we’ve discussed it in detail.

  1. What will I do if I lose my Comdata Payroll Card?

Ans: First of all, don’t be panicked. Just grab your phone, dial 1-888-265-8228 – the Comdata customer care number and inform your issue. They will block your card until they issue a new one for you. This will take a maximum of 7-bussiness days for the reissuance of a new card.

  1. How to sign up for the Comdata Card Transaction alert?

Ans: This is very easy.

To enroll your number for getting Comdata Card payment alert you should keep following this below methods,

  • Open any internet browser and visit www.Cardholder.comdata.com portal.
  • Login into your account with Username and Password.
  • Now click on Banking and then select the Text Messaging option.
  • Then enter your phone number and tick both notification boxes on the screen.
  • Accept the Comdata payment card service terms & conditions and click on the submit button to confirm your Text Alert Service request.


Call the Comdata Card customer helpdesk number at 1-888-265-8228 and enable your transaction alert for your payment card.

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Contact Comdata

Contact Comdata Customer Care/lost card: 1-888-265-8228

Comdata Card Activation Number: 888-265-8228

Comdata Card Activation Genuine Link: www.cardholder.comdata.com

Comdata Web Portal: www.comdata.com

Comdata HQ: Brentwood,

Tennessee, US

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