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www.greendot.com/activate:- Green dot card is the world largest prepaid debit card which is used for market capitalization this card is also a payment platform company and use for technology platform like apple pay cash Uber and all other company this company was founded in 1999 by steve Streit he makes the debit card for the teenager to shop online please company has total 1200 number of employees and the headquarter of this company is in United State. This company is also now providing a MasterCard and Visa Card in the United State the product is available in nearly 100000 retailer Stores. on 30 July 2019, these cards also decided to announce the unlimited cashback for an old customer account or cash back whenever you make any payment online with the help of this card you will get some cash back or some coupon which you will use in your next shopping this new facility has added in this card which helped many people for Paying online.



the first card of this company was sold by an agent in 2000 and this card is given and mainly made for teenagers and internet users with the help of this card that teenagers can easily make online shopping.

How to apply for this card

as with other companies and other banks, this Bank also gives a card which helps for online shopping and all the other things. to apply for this card online there are some steps the steps are given below:-

  • To apply for an online green dot card kindly visit the official site of this Bank after visiting the official site you will see that there was one option of login and another sign-up.
  • if you are a new user then kindly go and click on the signup option once you click on the signup option the new page will be open after that start filling the form. Give all the details like your birth and dress name and also your verification ID.
  • after filling the form kindly click on the submit button after clicking on submit button your username and password will be given to you through SMS
  • This username and password will use you for next time login keep in mind that don’t share this user and password with anyone.
  • after getting the username and password and click on the login option put your username and password thereafter clicking and putting the username and password their your account page will be open on the right side of that page there is an option available that apply to a credit card.
  • Go and click thereafter clicking there the form will appear to fill all the details give your name address you can also give your annual income and all the things after filling these things click on submit option. By this, you can apply for the card.


How to activate the card

like another bank, this Bank has also various method to activate the card for activating card there are 3 steps you can activate your card by calling the customer care office or by texting it also you can also apply to the online method let’s see how you can apply by this method.

Online method Of www.greendot.com/activate

  • to apply the online method for this card kindly visit the official site of the Bank.
  • enter your credit card number and the security code which is given on your card.
  • After entering this you have to enter your SSN and or employee ID and then click on submit and continue.
  • You have to follow all the instructions which are required to activate your card


Text method Through www.greendot.com/activate

you can also apply to the text method. For example, you have to give SMS to the customer care and give the last four digits of your credit card number. After providing this all things you will receive a message shortly about your card activation.

www.greendot.com/activate Through the phone

if you are not satisfied with our two methods you can also use a telephonic card activation system by this you have to call customer care service after calling the customer care service you have to provide all the details which they required and which they ask to you once you give all the details to customer care then choose terms and condition after that your card will activate you will receive the message shortly.

These are three methods by which you can activate your card if you’re still having some doubt and not able to see your transaction history on login your account kindly go and contact to customer care services they are very friendly and always available to solve your problem whenever you talk to customer care, at last, there will be one notification to you which is a feedback notification if you are satisfied with customer care then click on ok if not then click on improvement.



  • Like other cards also these cards required time payment which means you have to pay your amount on time if you are not able to pay your amount on time then you will charge extra which means a penalty.
  • Whenever you make any foreign transaction you have to charge some extra fees like 3% per transaction
  • You can easily transfer money from one bank account to another bank account if you transfer money to another bank account International then you will have to pay some extra charges.

That is all for today if you have any doubt and any query related to this card kindly give it in the comment section we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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FAQ Of www.greendot.com/activate

  1. If any customer has lost their card how can they get the new one?

Answer:- If any person has lost their card then kindly go and complain to customer care. Whenever you call customer care they will ask some basic questions regarding how the card is stolen or lost. then after this, you can get your new card. You have to pay some extra charges for your new card.

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