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www.VSAngelcard.com:- Firstlycongratulations!!!If you have Victoria’s secret credit card as this is the best card for shopping at Victoria’s Secret stores. You should be very excited about this card as it is one of the most popular clothing chains in the USA. It has a variety of clothes for men and women and kids. There are many benefits of a, no annual fee which is provided on this card but to receive all the benefits one must activate the card.



Basic requirements for the Victoria Secret card are

  • You can activate your credit card of Victoria only if the basic requirements are fulfilled.
  • You will need a username of the Victoria Secret Departmental Store.
  • With that, you will also need a password for the same account.
  • You will need to keep these two data, which will be very personal to you because there may be privacy theft if it is leaked out.

The username should not be the email address of the customer and as it is case sensitive, you need to enter it carefully, and remember it.

Applying for a Victoria credit card

  • Firstly go to the official website of Victoria secret credit cardor you can simply go to the apply section.
  • You will have to go to “the first time users” and then “apply now”.
  • The customer’s information and contact information will be needed to enter.
  • Then you have to click on the submit button .

Once you do all the above procedures the Victoria secret card will be activated and after the activation only you can log on to the Victoria secret account. If you are a first-time user then this is the activation process that needs to be followed but if you have a Credit Card then you can avoid this process of activating Victoria’s secret credit card.


There are three methods for Victoria secret credit card:

All the three methods need to be done step by step any one method is skipped then your whole point of login process will be stuck.

www.VSAngelcard.com Activation process

The procedure of activation of Victoria’s secret card is very simple and easy to do.

Once you complete the application process then you get into the next process that is the activation of the Victoria Secret credit card.

  • You can call on the company’s customer service to activate the card.
  • Or you can also email them to do the following on your behalf.
  • The customers also can activate their credit card from the registered mobile number.

These are the three methods from which the activation of the Victoria secret card will be completed.

www.VSAngelcard.com Login procedure

  • Go to the official website of secret credit card login.
  • Enter the username for the Victoria secret account.
  • Now create a password for the same account.
  • Finally, press the login button to create the account.

The above steps will help you to log in to the Victoria Secret credit card and all these steps are very easy to understand.

About Victoria secret

It is one of the company of United States of America which is the designer manufacturing company. It mainly manufactures women’s beauty wear and other products similar to it. It is more than 40 years old and has been popular in the market for beauty makeups. Now it has come to my ahead with credit card functions for its customers. The Victoria secret card has many benefits, to avail the benefits one has to log in and access it. The card needs to be activated so this article has provided you all the information required for activation.


If you forgot your username or password you need to follow the following steps

Most of the time it happens that people misplaced the username and password due to negligence sometimes we remember the username but cannot remember the password in such instances we need to be tension free as Victoria secret card has options to retract your lost data.

There are some steps to be followed they are:

  • Go to the website a Victoria secret
  • Click on the section” forgot username” if you have forgotten your username.
  • But if you have forgotten your password then mention it by clicking on” forgot password” and submit button.
  • After you have entered the required choice then you will have to follow the step to retrieve your data.

The steps or the information that you have given are different then it may be problematic, so there are different ways in which they will retrieve either the username or the password.

It is preferred that you do not make any mistakes and write down the points and make a note of all that you have punched in.

The Victoria Secret payment

For making the payment of Victoria’s secret credit card, it is either done every month, quarterly depending on the number of transactions you have done. The billing system is very clear and simple to understand. The billings might be a little different, if there are more transactions then there are more benefits which will be given to the customer so the chances of getting benefits will increase if the customer is frequent in the Victoria Secret Store. The customer can make the payment by linking the bank account or can directly make an online payment through the online bank. You can also choose methods of payment which are store payment method, in which you will have to find Victoria secret store near you and you will have to do some tasks. There is also a mailing procedure.


Hopefully, the credit card activation entire system has been fully understood through the explanation given. Operating the credit card is very easy one can easily understand and follow instructions.

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FAQ Of www.VSAngelcard.com

1. What are the benefits of using Victoria’s secret card?

There are many benefits of a no annual fee which is provided on this card, extended warranty with travel insurance, $ 10 birthday reward for you every year, $ 15 off coupon which can be redeemed, special points on daily purchase and free shipping on purchases.

2. Can you give me the Victoria’s secret card customer service number? 

The customer service number is 800- 695- 9478

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